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Plymouth City Council - Preventing Plastic Pollution

Plymouth City Council is working with the Ocean City Taskforce to reduce plastic pollution in Plymouth's marine environments.


Oxford City Council - Coffee Cup Recycling

Oxford City Council has introduced coffee cup recycling to increase recycling rates


Stockport Council – Encouraging recycling and reducing littering

Stockport Council has launched the " We Love Stockport" campaign to increase recycling in the borough.


Plymouth City Council – Plastic Free City status

Plymouth City Council has been awarded the Plastic Free Community Status in recognition of their work to reduce single use plastic.


Doncaster Council - Love Food Hate Waste Campaign

Doncaster is taking part in a national campaign to reduce food waste.


Bridgend Council – Plastic Recycling

Bridgend Council is one of the top councils for recycling in the country thanks to policy changes by the council.


Hackney Council - War on Plastic

Hackney Council is committed to reducing single use plastic use in the borough, and made significant progress in doing so since May 2018.



Thank you to all the members and officers who contributed the information and good practice that enabled us to compose this website – together, we’re showing the difference Labour in Power can make.

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