Energy and air quality 


Newcastle City Council - District Energy Centre

Newcastle City Council has partnered with ENGIE to set up a District Energy Centre, generating low carbon energy for the community

Camden Council - Somers Town Energy

The Somers Town Heat Network provides heat and hot water to five housing estates and the redesigned Edith Neville School. A case study was done to fully understand the network’s performance.

Bristol City Council - 2030 Carbon Neutrality

Bristol City Mayor Rees’ carbon neutrality plan, takes the action required to deal with the climate emergency declared in late 2018.

Nottingham City Council - Energy Services Strategy

In January 2019, Nottingham City Council committed to becoming the first carbon neutral city in the UK, by 2028 and is currently developing a sustainable approach to decarbonisation.

Leicester City Council: Community Energy Solar PV

To promote and support the Government’s Community energy strategy, Leicester City Council gave local community bodies the opportunity to submit Solar PV installation proposals that encourage Community Renewable Energy activities.

Telford & Wrekin Council – Wheat Leasowe Solar Farm

Telford & Wrekin Council have built 16,000 solar panels over 30 acres to provide power to up to 1000 homes.

Lambeth Council - Repowering London

Lambeth have worked with Repowering London on several projects in the borough, such as installing solar panels on Vauxhall Gardens estate and Loughborough estate.

Manchester City Council - Civic Quarter Heat Network

Manchester City Council is building a network which will generate low-carbon power, heat and hot water for the city.

Waltham Forest - Air Quality interventions

Waltham Forest Council has spearheaded the pioneering ‘Enjoy Waltham Forest’ programme of highways and public realm interventions in order to reduce pollution levels.

South Tyneside Council - Fuel Poverty Plan

South Tyneside Council has created a 5 year “Fuel Poverty Plan” which sets out objectives and actions in order to make housing stock more energy efficient, improve the condition of housing stock and reduce the carbon footprint of the housing stock.

Plymouth City Council – Solar panels

Plymouth City Council has committed to using more renewable resources and to being a carbon neutral city by 2030. Installing solar panels on council buildings is one of many ways that this is being done.

Plymouth City Council - Renewable power generation

Plymouth City Council will deliver more renewable power generation and fight fuel poverty across the city. The council will look for other opportunities for renewable energy generation across the city, including micro-generation.

Oxford City Council - Zero Emission Zone

Oxford City Council is planning the world’s first Zero Emission Zone from 2020 to clean up polluted air and save lives. This Zero Emission Zone will be introduced in phases between 2020 and 2035.

Oxford City Council - Low Carbon Hub

Oxford City Council works through and invests the in Low Carbon Hub, a social enterprise that turns rooftops and rivers in Oxford into power stations.

Oxford City Council - Energy SuperHub

A new Energy SuperHub consisting of the world’s largest commercial hybrid energy storage facility, 100 rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging points has been built in Oxford.

Newham Council – Air Quality

Newham Council have embraced the principles of sustainable development and the green economy. Additionally, the Mayor has appointed a Commissioner for Air Quality and Climate Change to assist with the climate emergency.

Islington Council – Reducing Vehicle's Emissions

Through enforcing ultra-low emission zones, restricting traffic, and replacing energy inefficient vehicles, Islington Council is taking a steadfast approach to reducing the impact of emissions from vehicles in order to address the issue of pollution and poor air quality.

Islington Council – Localised Energy Provision

Islington Council is providing its residents with locally-sourced green energy supplied through the Bunhill District Heat Network. This is promised to save locals up to £277 each per year.

Harrow Council – Reducing the council’s carbon footprint

Harrow Council have set out to meet a carbon reduction objective of 4% annually and have implemented several energy saving projects in Harrow.

Hackney Council – Taking Action on Energy

This year Hackney Council switched 50% of the council’s energy supply, including a handful of local schools that procure their energy through the council, to renewable sources.

Durham County Council - Sustainable Heat

Durham County Council has identified sustainable heat as a major challenge. Working with the Coal Authority, the council is exploring alternative, more sustainable heat related possibilities at sites across County Durham.

Durham County Council - Carbon Management Programme

Durham County Council has an active Carbon Management Programme that oversees major programs that are working to ensure that the low carbon and environment message is disseminated throughout the authority.

Doncaster Council – LED Lights

Doncaster Council have installed 45000 LED lights and the council have recognized that LED lights are energy efficient, generate cost savings and have a longer life span.

Camden Council - Somers Town Energy

The Somers Town Heat Network provides heat and hot water to five housing estates and the redesigned Edith Neville School. A case study was done to fully understand the network’s performance.

Bradford City Council - Energy Efficiency and Generation

Bradford Council supports a rolling programme of building improvements in energy efficiency and energy generation technologies.

Bridgend Council - Using natural resources to heat homes

Bridgend Council has been awarded EU funds to invest in geothermal energy in the area, and they're carrying out an education programme for Bridgend schools about the projects



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