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Southwark Council - Climate Change Summit

Southwark Council held a climate summit which brought together national and local organisations, experts and individuals to discuss both what more the council can do to tackle the climate emergency.

Southwark Council - Investing in Renewable Energy

Southwark Council has reduced the carbon footprint of the fossil fuel based pension fund by almost 50 per cent since 2017.

Camden Council - Citizens' Assembly on the Climate Crisis

In response to a ‘Climate Emergency’ declaration in March 2019, Camden Council – with the help of a number of independent organisations – arranged a Citizens’ Assembly to decide how the borough as a whole should address the climate crisis.

Bristol City Council - One City Plan

Bristol City Mayor Marvin Rees has developed a One City Plan to deliver outcomes across six priority areas – including the environment – every year through to 2050.

Westminster Labour Group - Campaigning from Opposition

Westminster Labour Group have been campaigning from opposition to ensure that the ruling Tories take climate change seriously and have been taking radical action to combat the climate emergency.

Nottingham City Council - Behaviour Change

For many people, actions to prevent climate change can seem costly. Nottingham City Council have recognised that behavioural change among its residents needs to be enabled and so have kick-started several initiatives to support these changes.

Leicester City Council - Eco-Schools

Leicester City Council is working with local schools in order to spread a message of sustainability and conservation to the community.

Manchester City Council - Youth Action Summit

Manchester City Council worked with other environmental organisations to hold a climate change summit for school children to get their say on how to tackle the climate crisis.

Norwich Council - ReFashion Norwich

Norwich Council have set up an event called ReFashion Norwich as a part of TRAID’s #secondhandfirst week and the European Week for Waste Reduction.

Lambeth Council - Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan

In July, Lambeth published its first Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan, which sets out how Lambeth Council's operations will be carbon neutral by 2030.

Waltham Forest Council - Going Plastic Free in its Town Centres

Businesses in Leytonstone have been signed up by the Council to participate in a Low Plastic Zone initiative.

Manchester City Council - Youth Climate Board

Manchester City Council are engaging youth in the city through their Youth Climate Board.

Stevenage Borough Council - Working Together

Stevenage Borough Council is coordinating partners across the borough with an aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Exeter City Council - Approach to Sustainability

Exeter City Council established an Energy Team to tackle rising energy use, which has resulted in a more sustainable way of operating.

Newham Council - Pensions

Newham Council Pension Fund team has ensured that it has reduced its overall exposure to fossil fuel enough to make it one of the best in London and has also ensured that it is carbon neutral.

Tameside Council – Community Engagement

Tameside Council held a Green Summit calling for action from organizations and individuals from across a range of partners in Tameside in order to combat climate change.

Southampton City Council - Green City Charter

Southampton City Council has introduced ambitious measures to create a cleaner, greener, healthier and more sustainable city through a Green City Charter.

Oxford City Council - Low Carbon Oxford

Oxford City Council coordinates and works closely with a local collaborative of over 40 organizations that are responsible for the majority of the city’s carbon dioxide emissions in an effort to reduce these emissions.

Oxford City Council – Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change

Oxford City Council has committed to being a Zero Carbon Council by 2030.

Oxford City Council - Charter for Cleaner Air

Oxford City Council, Greenpeace UK, and Friends of the Earth has launched a Charter for Cleaner Air calling on the Government to place the health of communities first.

Oxford City Council - CAG Oxfordshire

Oxford City Council started the Community Action Group (CAG) Project which consists of over 65 groups across Oxfordshire all working to tackle climate change.

Oldham Council - Generation Oldham

The Generation Oldham community energy programme a way of tackling Oldham Council’s carbon emissions reduction targets whilst achieving maximum social value.

Lewisham Council - Climate Emergency Staff Forum

Lewisham have established a Climate Emergency staff forum in order to think about how to promote the climate emergency across the workforce, how to make it easier for staff to make green choices and to champion change across the council.

Lewisham Council – Engaging with Local Climate Activists

The Lewisham Council have brought together lead officers and activists for bi-monthly meetings in which the officers share progress on their work as well as get feedback from the activists.

Lewisham Council – Communicating with residents

Lewisham Council have created a webpage publishing their current progress on the climate emergency. They have also created an email group for residents that provides them with regular updates on the council’s actions.

Leeds City Council – Leeds Climate Commission

The Leeds Climate Commission was established in 2017 to help Leeds to make a positive choice on issues relating to energy, carbon, weather and climate. It brings together key organisations and actors from across the city and from the public, private and third sectors.

Lancaster City Council – Staff Engagement

Lancaster City Council have declared a Climate Emergency and are working to engage with the council’s staff in order to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Islington Council – Decarbonising the council’s Pension Fund

Islington Council has committed to work towards fully divesting the Council’s Pension Fund from companies that extract fossil fuels and also promises to set aside shares for green investment opportunities.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority– Working Together

Greater Manchester Combined Authority have declared a Climate Emergency and have set a target to be carbon neutral by 2038.

Durham County Council – Working in Partnership

Durham County Council has established a county-wide carbon and environment partnership with many groups around the county as a result of the declaration of a Climate Emergency.

Durham County Council - Eco2 Smart Schools Programme

The ECO2 Smart Schools Programme is a comprehensive education support offer from Durham County Council which helps schools to become environmentally smart, reduce energy bills and support teaching.

Durham County Council - Business Energy Efficiency Project

The Business Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) works with small and medium sized businesses across the Durham County Council area, helping them to reduce their energy costs.

Doncaster Council - Active Travel Awards

The Doncaster Council School Active Travel Awards celebrate schools and individuals working hard to increase walking, cycling and scooting, reducing the reliance on cars to travel to school and promoting greener and healthier lifestyles in the process.

Camden Council - Citizens' Assembly

In response to a ‘Climate Emergency’ declaration in March 2019, Camden Council – with the help of a number of independent organisations – arranged a Citizens’ Assembly to decide how the borough as a whole should address the climate crisis.

Birmingham Labour Party - Engaging with Labour Party members

Climate Change is rapidly rising up the political agenda, and this has been reflected by the many discussions and debates in local Labour Parties.



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