Telford & Wrekin Council – Wheat Leasowe Solar Farm

Telford & Wrekin Council was one of the first councils to build a 4MW solar farm at Wheat Leasowe in Hadley and was completed at the end of 2014, at which point it became fully functional and generating electricity.

It generates enough electricity to power more than 800 homes pa and the Authority was one of the first to take forward a commercial solar farm scheme of this scale.

The project, part of the council’s bid to generate more clean energy in the area, is expected to create a profit of up to £5m over its 25 years.

The Solar Farm is now also home to some bee hives which are looked after by a local bee keeper.

The project forms part of the Council’s strategy to: become more environmentally and financially sustainable and to reduce our carbon footprint.

You can read more about the solar farm, including live performance levels, here.