Stockport Council – Improving Transport Infrastructure

A strand of policy which runs throughout a number of Stockport Council’s policies is ‘Modal Shift’, encouraging residents toward more healthy and sustainable sources of transport.

This includes extensive plans for:

Public Transport:

As part of the TfGM 2040 Transport Delivery plan, options for Stockport to deliver bus rapid transport links along the A6 corridor will be developed, along with options to bring Metrolink to Stockport within the next decade, and further plans for Metrolink to reach Marple, Hazel Grove, Reddish, and the town centre via train or tram-train linkages to the network.

This comes alongside plans for subsidised transport for 16-19 years olds as part of ‘ourpass’ launched this year, and longer-term ambitions for integrated public transport across Greater Manchester which should make public transport journeys across Manchester, simpler, more affordable and more cohesive. For further details see:

The combination of these plans will encourage residents and visitors to use the improved public transport whilst travelling round the Borough and within the Manchester area.

Cycling and Walking

Stockport Council has developed a Walking and Cycling masterplan, which aligns with our work with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to develop our cycling network to deliver a ‘Bee Lines’ Network across Greater Manchester (GM). As part of this, we have received £57 million of GM funding out of a total pot of £160 million.

This will be used to help improve and expand our existing network, including a bridge linking Heaton Norris and the Town Centre, bridge links between our new Transport Interchange and Stockport Railway Station, and a £4.1million link between Hazel Grove and Bramhall which links to Manchester city centre, amongst other projects. This improved infrastructure will encourage residents and visitors to use walking and cycling as a mode of transport, taking polluting private vehicles off the roads.

Please note – this was published when Labour ran Stockport Council between 2016-2022.