Stevenage Borough Council – Sustainable Transport

For the last two years Stevenage Borough Council has been working with local stakeholders to develop our Future Town Future Transport Strategy, with a goal of how we can be an exemplar for sustainability, reduce carbon, and create an even better town in the future.  Our approach has been to work cooperatively with residents and businesses, sharing our ambitions for the town.  This is based on four themes:

  • Connectivity: Improve connections between our residents to jobs and services, and business to markets;
  • Liveable streets: Restore neighbourhood streets to places that our community can enjoy and be proud of, including greening local streets and giving priority to people over cars;
  • Active and healthy travel: Achieve a change in behaviour to encourage walking and cycling;
  • Green travel:  Reduce the carbon footprint of Stevenage’s travel movements and improve air quality.

Much of the physical improvements seek to build on our sustainable historical new town principles and make more use of our comprehensive world leading segregate cycle ways.

The council is currently designing a new bus interchange, which will be constructed next year, which will better serve the town centre and railway station providing multi modal connectivity for public transport users, promoting bus use as an attractive transport option.