Stevenage Borough Council – Biodiversity

Stevenage Council has been actively managing sites for biodiversity for almost ten years with the first Biodiversity Action Plan launched in 2010.  Working in partnership with Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust and the council’s Green Space Volunteers – who provide hundreds of hours of support for the local environment each year – the council continue to deliver actions to protect and improve important habitats in Stevenage. 


Stevenage is the only council in the area to have a biodiversity action plan, to put into place different schemes from pond management, to wild grass areas, and protection of ancient hedgerows.   Around 24% of the borough is green habitat, delivering woodlands, hedgerows, grassland, ponds and streams – Stevenage is both an urban town and a green haven.  As a result of this the council has delivered a range of projects, from increasing wildflower planting and creating new meadows, reinstating ponds and managing ancient hedgerows. 

Stevenage has secured green flag status for four of the borough’s parks, reflecting the care shown to them by local residents and the partnership between volunteers and community groups to enhance their local environment. 


This is a cornerstone of Stevenage’s approach to climate change, making a real difference that residents can see and benefit from, helping make sure global climate issues are also dealt with locally.