Southampton City Council – Living Walls

Southampton City Council, along with highways partners Balfour Beatty, has recently begun work to transform the newly reconstructed Millbrook Roundabout into a greener, cleaner environment with a new Living Wall made up of green planting. Work on what will be the first Living Wall of its kind on the UK’s major road network is already underway and is scheduled to complete by October 2019.

The walls will take the form of ten green columns which will appear to support the flyover. The plants will sit on free-standing frames away from the columns, meaning the structure is not affected.  Living walls help purify the air, promote biodiversity in the local area and improve the appearance of the roundabout.

The Living Wall installation is being funded from efficiency savings made as part of the main £8.3m Millbrook Roundabout reconstruction scheme which completed earlier in 2019.