Plymouth City Council – Solar panels

Plymouth City Council has committed to using more renewable resources and to being a carbon neutral city by 2030. Installing solar panels on council buildings is one of many ways that this is being done.

The council have already put solar panels onto some of their multi storey car parks and schools. The next steps include The Box, Ballard House, Prince Rock Depot and Chelson Meadow which could help the council cut its carbon emissions by up to 200 tonnes a year.

The solar panels will create generate in excess of 650,000 kilowatts a year of clean renewable energy helping to protect the council against energy price increases and save on energy bills.

In the first year, it is estimated the panels will help the council reduce its energy bills by £58,500 in year one and protect against future increases in energy price enabling longer term financial planning.

Investing in solar will offer a positive return for the council providing up to £1.4 million that would otherwise have been spent on fuel bills. The cost of the project is £468,000

More council-owned buildings look set to have solar panels installed as the city continues its drive to cut carbon and create clean renewable energy.

Working with Plymouth Energy Community, the council have helped more than 30 schools and community buildings have had solar panelling installed over the last few years.

Please note – this was published when Labour controlled Plymouth City Council between 2018-2021.