Plymouth City Council – ReMEDIES

ReMEDIES (Reducing and Mitigating Erosion and Disturbance Impacts affecting the Seabed) is a project that will:

• Identify areas for large scale restoration of seagrass beds which store significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, helping mitigate climate change impacts.

• Develop and install new environmentally friendly ways to moor and anchor boats, which will reduce the impact on the seabed.

• Raise awareness about the importance of seagrass and Plymouth Sound and Tamar Estuaries through community events, boating surveys and an education programme.

This will be done in conjunction with partners, including Natural England, RYA, the Ocean Conservation Trust, Marine Conservation Society and the Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum.

Please note – this was published when Labour controlled Plymouth City Council between 2018-2021.