Plymouth City Council – New electric vans

Plymouth City Council’s Highways team took delivery of ten new electric vans that will be added to their fleet for undertaking daily duties and network management in November 2020.

The new Nissan ENV200’s replace the traditional diesel-powered vehicles with the electric versions reducing emissions to zero over the diesel counterparts. Electric vehicles will reduce CO2 emissions, improve air quality and help deliver on the council’s Climate Emergency commitment to being a carbon neutral city by 2030.

£1.4m will be invested over the next financial year with a total of 54 electric vehicles spanning many different council departments and service areas. Over the eight-year life-cycle of each vehicle, they are expected to reduce carbon emissions by over 1,000 tonnes, reduce maintenance costs and improve air quality.

In addition to their ‘greener’ credentials, the new vans will also be quieter, thus reducing noise levels when going about their business. The Highways team maintain over 857km of carriageways and over 92,000 assets throughout the city, and the plug-in electric vans will be more than capable of having substantial travel range to cover many journeys throughout the day.

Please note – this was published when Labour controlled Plymouth City Council between 2018-2021.