Plymouth City Council – Green Minds

Green Minds is a three year programme from 2020-2023 which aims to rewild people and places across Plymouth. Funded from the social innovation strand of the European Regional Development Fund, Green Minds will demonstrate how nature can provide solutions to the challenges that climate change brings, improve health and wellbeing and create thriving environmental enterprises.

As part of the project, in November 2020, Plymouth made history to become the first (and only) city in the UK for 400 years to have a resident beaver at Derriford Community Park. This keystone species is an ecosystem engineer – creating wetland habitats that help to ‘slow the flow’ of water, bringing many benefits such as increasing biodiversity, improving water quality, as well as acting as a carbon store. Not only that, they bring social benefits too in terms of health and wellbeing, education and will support the local economy through wildlife tourism.

More projects to come include a sustainable urban drainage solution to transform rainwater into a resource in Central Park; greening the grey through trees and wildflower planting in the north west of the city; creating new nature corridors and community orchards at Saltram; and supporting nature-based social enterprises in Devonport and Stonehouse.

Engaging and empowering residents, schools, landowners and businesses to take action for nature is an important part of the programme. Over 600 people attended our virtual launch in October and we will be running a range of events, training, awareness raising and educational activities as we go along, creating networks, resources and tools to share best practice and connect people and wildlife. This will include a fully immersive nature film in the Market Hall at the end of the project.

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Please note -this was published when Labour ran Plymouth City Council between 2018-2021.