Oxford City Council – Charter for Cleaner Air

A Charter for Cleaner Air has been launched by Oxford City Council, Greenpeace UK, and Friends of the Earth, calling on the Government to place the health of communities first with ten changes including removing polluting vehicles from city and town centres, more funding for sustainable and public transport, an end to the sale of new petrol vehicles earlier than 2040, more funding for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, tighter legal limits on air pollution, a new Clean Air Act and a post-Brexit watchdog with regulatory teeth.

The Charter, which was created by Oxford City Council, is believed to be the first formal cooperation with Greenpeace UK and Friends of the Earth (EWNI) (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) to be led by a local authority. It has been signed by Southampton, Milton Keynes, Slough, Cambridge, Brighton & Hove and Nottingham councils, and is open to other councils to sign up.