Nottingham City Council – Energy Services Strategy

In January 2019, Nottingham City Council committed to becoming the first carbon neutral city in the UK, by 2028 and is currently developing a sustainable approach to decarbonisation that brings together its broader sustainability objectives into one ambitious vision.


The current Energy Strategy sets out two key targets; reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 26% by 2020 (against a 2005 baseline) has been met two years early – with a figure of 41% (and 49% per capita); and the city is also on track to meet the other target of 20% of energy generation from low carbon sources by 2020.

The city is planning to launch new citywide energy, transport and climate change strategies in 2020 that can align thinking for a transformation in energy and carbon approached.

A summary of some of the carbon neutral focused projects:

1.      Solar PV: Nottingham City Council has a significant rollout of Solar PV, and has been putting solar on its operational buildings since 2013. To date, the council has over 4,000 domestic PV systems installed, with more on council buildings, including the UK’s first publicly owned solar carports.

2.      EEMonitor: The EEMonitor is a smart and adaptable multi-functional device for use inside the home, displaying levels of energy use and associated costs.

3.      Corporate Buildings Energy Charter: To meet the council’s targets in regards to reductions in carbon emissions, and therefore reducing the impact of climate change, Nottingham City Council designed the Corporate Buildings Energy Charter to embrace best practice in energy management and procurement.