North Somerset Labour Group – Campaigning from Opposition

North Somerset Council declared a Climate Emergency in February, and Labour in opposition is playing an important role in influencing this agenda. In summer 2019 the Labour Group proposed a motion about the implementation of a re-wilding programme.

The motion requires North Somerset Council to put in place a re-wilding programme and actively seeks to identify as many areas as possible, including verges, parks and open spaces, where this can be done. As part of this, North Somerset Council will take the lead and help Town and Parish Councils and community groups with their own re-wilding and tree-planting projects.

As well as improving how the area looks, re-wilding will be beneficial in creating additional habitats for bees, insects and other wildlife and will provide attractive “wild” areas of education value to the community. The re-wilding programme will include native plants and natural seeding. These re-wilded areas will be easy to maintain and send a positive message out to residents and visitors that North Somerset is a forward-thinking, environmentally aware, eco- friendly region.