Manchester City Council – Youth Climate Board

Engaging all sections of the community in the climate conversation is difficult work. Manchester City Council have created a Climate Change Youth Board – a group who all work or study in Manchester and volunteer their time to engage with youth groups.

The Youth Board was established to ensure that younger people are able to engage and contribute to climate change action in Manchester.

To enable this to happen on a full-time basis, the Youth Board launched a Crowdfunding campaign and were successful in securing enough funding (£6,111) for the UKs first full-time Youth Climate Action Champion.

Over the last 18 months the Youth Board has also:

  • Joined the Manchester Climate Change Board;
  • Started to influence Manchester City Council policy, including the new 2038 carbon neutrality target in Manchester; and
  • Engaged with 200+ young people (of all ages) on taking action to tackle climate change.