Manchester City Council – Youth Action Summit

Manchester City Council held a Youth Climate Change Action Summit to give children aged 9-14 the opportunity to express their views on how climate change should be tackled, explore its causes, and challenge local politicians on the actions they are taking to ensure the city meets its zero-carbon targets.


The Summit was organised in partnership with Manchester City Council, the Manchester Climate Change Agency and others.


Schools in the city were invited to send a group of pupils to represent them at the event, which was compered by members of the Manchester Climate Change Agency Youth Board.


Participation in the Manchester Youth Action Climate Change Summit provides a prime opportunity for children and young people to engage with the ‘Skills for Life’ educational programme, which aims to develop key skills sought by employers including team work, problem-solving and communication skills.

At the event, pupils explored how the heating and lighting of homes, transport choices, and food and goods consumption all impact on carbon emissions.


Social media (#McrClimateChange) provided a communications channel for pupils who were not able to attend the event ask questions and see what was happening at the summit.