Manchester City Council – The Deansgate Metrolink Green Wall

The Deansgate Metrolink Station is either a passing point or a destination for thousands of people as they commute into the city centre on a regular basis.


The redevelopment of the new stop was to help with the capacity of people who either travel through or use it as a destination.


The idea of the green wall at Deansgate was developed to give the stop a unique look. The extensive landscaping became a home for trees and wildflowers on the living wall and between the tram tracks.


Passengers are able to enjoy the green environment as the wall offers an escape from the busy streets of Manchester as they pass through the station or are waiting for a tram.


The 11 meter high wall is made up of a variety of wildflowers to create the 300m2 green wall, creating a haven for wildlife within the city.


The green tracks that are made up of planted trays of sedum, not only create a unique design for tram tracks, but also help to reduce the risk of flooding during heavy rain or a storm.