Leicester City Council- Library LED Lighting Upgrades

Leicester City Council has used LED lighting on a small scale and mainly supported by conventional lighting, however due to LED lighting advancements the Council realised that they could achieve far higher energy and carbon saving by rolling out this technology more widely across their building stock. The main objective of this pilot was to demonstrate the potential for implementing LED lighting upgrades across the Council’s varied building portfolio. The key barrier to this rollout was to ensure that suitable, durable lighting solutions could be found that meets the needs of each building. Leicester City Council therefore approached a number of LED lighting specialists and suppliers to ensure that had a wide range of LED lighting products available for different buildings and applications such as the libraries in Leicester City.

Benefits of LED streetlights include

·         Longer Operation Life

·         Easy to Install

·         Fast Switching

·         Lighting Control Options (Dimmable)

·         Lower Maintenance

·         Manufactures 5 year warranty

·         Energy & Cost Reduction

·         Good for the Environment (CO2 Reduction)

The LED lighting solution for these libraries will cut CO2 emissions by 40,016 kg a year (enough to fill over 4 million party balloons). In addition to the energy savings and improved quality of lighting, the reduced maintenance cost (eliminating the associated costs for replacing the fittings) means that the overall payback will be within 3 years.