Lambeth Council – Repowering London

Lambeth has a long-standing relationship with Repowering London as the council’s community energy partners.

Lambeth have worked with them on several projects in the borough, such as installing solar on Vauxhall Gardens estate and Loughborough estate – which was the location of the national party’s policy launch around the beginning of 2019.

There are currently schemes ongoing in two schools in the borough, working on an education programme within Lambeth schools around clean energy and new technology whilst bringing cheaper energy to schools in the borough.

The schools can buy discounted electricity from the solar panels, with any surplus exported to the grid. This is expected to achieve financial savings for the school of £27,000 over the projects’ lifetime and CO2 savings of 31 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum, equal to what 3,500 trees take out of the atmosphere.

Repowering London’s innovative approach works by skilling up young people within the community to train them to actually install the solar panels themselves, drawing out key social value benefits within the community as well as the financial benefits to the residents themselves of cheaper energy bills.

You can watch a video here of Claire Holland, then Deputy Leader of Lambeth and Cabinet Member for Environment & Clean Air, talking to Agamemnon Otero from Repower London about their clean energy project.