Harrow Council – Reducing the council’s carbon footprint

Harrow Council’s Carbon footprint consists of over 18 million tonnes of carbon emission (2018/19) from 463 sites. Schools in the borough account for 53% of carbon emissions.

To meet the council’s carbon reduction objectives and the 4% annual carbon reduction footprint set target, several energy saving projects have been implemented in Harrow, including installation of LED lights, efficient boilers and control systems. Building fabric in over twenty council owned buildings is being improved, including school buildings. This has led to an average reduction of over 1,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum.

Improved monitoring of energy usage across Harrow Council’s sites, including schools, has helped to reduce energy consumption. Monitoring has been done by an advanced Monitoring and Targeting System, and investment in Automatic Meter Reading.

One of the council’s main objectives is to increase its investment in sustainable energy generation locally. We are currently working with the Schools Energy Co-operative to help more schools in Harrow to install solar panels to reduce their demand on polluting energy and cut their energy bills.

In the first series of the council’s new solar power generation programme, solar panels will be installed in four Harrow Schools by the end of summer 2019 from which, the amount of avoided carbon emissions per year is around 67,000 Kg. A number of other schools are also registered for receiving Feed-In-Tariff subsidies subject to once they have solar panels fitted.

Please note – this was published when Labour controlled Harrow Council between 2014-2022.