Harrow Council – Increasing the number of electric vehicle charging points

Harrow Council has secured funding of £180,000 (£230,000 including match funding) from Transport for London through the Go Ultra Low City Scheme to implement one of nine Neighbourhoods of the Future schemes in London.

Harrow Town Centre was identified as an area with poor air quality and suffers from congestion during peak periods and therefore it was chosen to be the location for Harrow’s Neighbourhood of the Future. The project involves encouraging the use of innovative green technology and helps to break down the barriers preventing people from buying Ultra-Low emission vehicles (ULEV).

Four key work streams were identified as follows:

  1. The installation of 3 on-street public serving fast Electric Vehicle Charge Points (EVCP) and 2 off-street slow EVCPs for the Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet trial;
  2. The implementation of a 12-month EV fleet trial at Greenhill Way Car Park for local businesses in Harrow to use. 4 Nisan Leaf EVs have been hired from Enterprise which is the organisation that has been selected as a partner to operate the EV fleet trial;
  3. Free training in the maintenance of EVs for local mechanics in Harrow. The course involved in depth lectures, practical’s and tests, which upon passing, the mechanics were given an Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) qualification of level 2 or 3; and
  4. The implementation of an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)/ ULEV only street in Harrow Town centre. This is expected to be delivered by March 2020.

Please note – this was published when Labour controlled Harrow Council between 2014-2022.