Doncaster Council – Active Travel

The purpose of Doncaster Council’s Active Travel Alliance is to bring together partners to work collectively to increase and promote active travel across Doncaster. This brings external partners together, as well as being based on an internal collaboration including council departments such as Public Health, Transport, Business Development and Planning.

The functions of the Active Travel Alliance Steering Group are to:

  • Develop, implement and deliver a joint Active Travel Action Plan across internal departments and with external stakeholders;

  • Implement and monitor the Doncaster Cycling Strategy Action Plan;

  • Work with relevant partner organisations of the active travel agenda as it evolves, reacting to changing demand from residents and businesses and new policy developments;

  • Reflect relevant national and regional policy relating to active travel in local delivery plans;

  • Report into Doncaster Active Partnership, a partnership to increase sport and physical activity across Doncaster;

  • Promote best practice regarding active travel initiatives;

  • Initiate Task and Finish groups where necessary to carry-out specific project work;

  • Develop a joint approach to communications and marketing;

  • Map initiatives in Doncaster that promote and encourage active travel and identify areas for improvement;

  • Develop a framework to evaluate current and new active travel initiatives, including how this contributes to borough priorities – for example, increased physical activity, improving mental health and reducing social isolation;

  • Work with other colleagues and partners to influence changes at a local and national level that encourage active travel;

  • Ensure the design of new development and regeneration schemes across the Borough enable active travel.