Bury Council – City of Trees

City of Trees have set a goal to plant 3 million street trees across Greater Manchester, one for every man, woman and child. Bury Council have worked with City of Trees since 2010. The council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Forestry England to work with them and City of Trees to create the City Forest Park which will be an urban park 50% larger than Heaton Park in nearby Manchester.

Bury have funded City of Trees to carry out an I-Tree survey across the borough where every tree will be recorded on a database. Monitoring the health of local trees is also an important part of the project – Bury are working with City of Trees to combat the damaging effects of 19 tree diseases which threaten indigenous tree stock and threaten air quality.

Bury are also working with City of Trees on Defra’s “Trees for Learning” programme. This is where local schools take part in tree planting. Two projects have been identified: St Mary’s Park in Prestwich (200 trees) & Boz Park in Whitefield (initially 2000 trees). We are also working with another 4 local schools in Prestwich and Whitefield.