Bridgend Council – Plastic Recycling

In 2017 Bridgend Council introduced new recycling and waste arrangements to help the local authority achieve the Welsh Government’s ambitious recycling targets of 70% by 2024-25.  The new waste arrangements include a per household waste limit. Households with up to five residents are now restricted to throwing out a maximum of two blue bin bags per fortnight, while larger households can apply for an additional allowance.

In the first year of the new arrangements being in place, residents recycled 31% more plastics and metals compared to the year before, food waste recycling shot up by 35% and paper recycling increased by 36%. These changes have resulted in the council’s overall recycling rate rising from 58% in 2017 to 69% in 2018, and Bridgend came second in a UK-wide league table for plastics recycling.