Bradford Council – Energy Efficiency and Generation

Bradford Council supports a rolling programme of building improvements in energy efficiency and energy generation technologies. So far in 2019/20 financial year, the Energy Team has installed energy efficient building controls at 23 sites, 10 insulation schemes and 16 LED lighting schemes.

In addition to this work has improved air handling systems to make major efficiencies at 3 sites including our Victorian grade 1 listed City Hall. Continued installation of renewable energy capacity adds to the 10 existing sites that have solar panels, including four biomass boiler installations. Our recent refurbishment of Shipley Pool and the new Sedburgh sports facility demonstrate our practical delivery on carbon reduction management, enhanced energy performance and operations.

The programme uses a combination of energy hierarchy and planned capital works to identify schemes that maximise benefits to the council whilst minimising the costs of the energy improvement works themselves. Positive changes are also undertaken whenever a building is fully or partially refurbished creating a constant stream of energy improvements. Our approach is being reshaped and accelerated to contribute to the newly adopted City Region ambition to make significant progress by 2030 on the journey to be a ‘net zero carbon economy by 2038’.

Much of this work is routine and completely unseen, like draught proofing and insulation. Our remotely accessible building energy management systems allow faster response times to heating complaints and succeed in reducing staff mileage.  Renewable energy installations such as solar panels or biomass boilers are generating additional revenue streams through Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed In Tariffs as well as reducing utility costs.

Total savings made against a baseline of 2014/15 financial year from interventions in small works across the council estate resulted in total carbon savings of 646.86 tonnes and total cost savings of £577,004.03.