Bradford Council – Darley Street Market

The Darley Street market scheme is a £23 million programme to replace a 1970s market with a flagship ecological retail space for Bradford’s market traders.

The scheme, part of the city’s green recovery, is packed with energy and environment saving features including smart heating, lighting and ventilation systems, rainwater capture technologies and green transport facilities.

This will include:

· Almost 200 solar roof panels to power the lifts, escalators and some of the energy efficient lights during daylight hours

· Ten roof lights with automatically operated ventilation louvres to provide natural lighting during the day whilst helping to manage the accumulation of heat during operating hours.

· A heat recovery ventilation plant to pre-warm or cool fresh air and water for the rest rooms, heated by air-sourced heat pumps, integrated with solar thermal panels designed to heat t water

· A lighting system with LEDs, lighting sensors and an energy management control system

· A smart rainwater harvesting system, which will use the water to both flush the toilets and irrigate a newly planted market square

· Storage facilities for six bikes and two 50Kw rapid charging electric vehicle points.

The market will have three trading floors and an underground basement for deliveries and waste recycling.

The project will create 400 new jobs including 157 jobs in construction, 16 work experience placements and 136 weeks of apprenticeships.

Investment in the new market is expected to deliver an economic benefit of £32 million over a ten-year period. An invitation recently went out to invite traders to register their interest in applying for a stall in the new development.