Birmingham Labour Party – Engaging with Labour Party members

Climate Change is rapidly rising up the political agenda, and this has been reflected by the many discussions and debates in local Labour Parties.

Labour Party members will rightly want to see their Labour-run councils take strong and decisive action in this area, and where Labour is in opposition they will want to see their Labour Group campaigning on climate change to influence council policy.

Engaging with Labour Party members gives them a stake in policy making locally and is a way of bringing Labour Party members on board to support Labour councils in their work in this area.

Birmingham Labour Group has held workshops with Labour Party members in the city on air quality and climate change.

They’ve held several summits on climate change issues for members with members of the shadow front bench speaking.

The “Birmingham Bus Summit” was held with keynote speeches from Andy McDonald MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, and Matt Rodda MP, Shadow Buses Minister, and a Birmingham Clean Air Summit with the late Jack Dromey MP as the keynote speaker. And as part of their Birmingham Labour Manifesto summit, they held a specific session on climate change.

All of these sessions have allowed members to feed into the policy making process and to share their ideas as residents of the city and as Labour Party members.