Manchester City Council - Bridgewater Basin's Floating Ecosystems

The project aims to breathe new life into the underused canal basin by using an artistic and scientific approach to improving the aesthetic, while at the same time creating a haven for wildlife.

Waltham Forest Council - Reducing the Use of Pesticides

To reduce the damaging effect on biodiversity, Waltham Forest has committed to reducing its use of pesiticides.

Waltham Forest Council - Re-wilding the Borough

Waltham Forest Council is reforesting it's parks with native species to improve biodiversity.

Stevenage Borough Council - Biodiversity

Stevenage Borough Council has put biodiversity at the heart of efforts to make the borough a greener place to live.

Southampton City Council – Living Walls

Southampton City Council has begun work to transform the Millbrook Roundabout into a new Living wall made up of Green Planting.

Plymouth City Council – Plan for Trees

The Plymouth City Council has announced the Plan for Trees in order to secure the future of trees and woods in Plymouth with the four themes being: Promote, Protect, Care, and Enhance.

Plymouth City Council – National Marine Park

Plymouth has plans to be the country’s first National Marine Park in order to strengthen marine conservation and establish a world leading demonstration centre for marine technologies.

Plymouth City Council - Bee Corridors

Globally, bee populations have been declining. Plymouth City Council have been developing a network of wildflower meadows and bee corridors in order to combat this problem.

North Somerset Labour Group – Campaigning from Opposition

In summer 2019 a motion was proposed to implement a re-wilding program which will create additional habitats for wildlife and provide “wild” areas of education value to the community.

Bury Council – City of Trees

City of Trees have set a goal to plant 3 million trees across Greater Manchester. They have also began a “Trees for Learning” program where local schools take part in the tree planting.



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