Westminster Labour Group - Campaigning from Opposition


Westminster Labour Group have been campaigning from opposition to ensure that the ruling Tories take climate change seriously. The boundaries of Westminster takes in some of the busiest parts of central London, resulting in poor air quality for visitors, workers and residents alike. Westminster Labour Group, along with Labour activists and residents have been calling on the Tory leadership to take radical action to improve air quality in the borough, as well as campaigning for the council to make housing, council buildings and vehicles more environmentally friendly. 

To do this, Westminster Labour have used petitions, convened a public Climate Assembly to give Westminster residents the opportunity to share their views about climate change and how Westminster City Council can tackle it.

Westminster City Council have now declared a Climate Emergency as a result of a Labour motion, which commits the council to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. But Labour councillors and activists are not stopping at this – they’re campaigning and lobbying to get the council to tackle issues around food miles, to use Citizens Assemblies like neighbouring Labour-run Camden Council and join national campaign groups such as UK100. 

Westminster Labour Group have also produced a Climate Green Paper which sets out how Westminster City Council should tackle climate change within Westminster. Not only does this put pressure on the ruling Tory group, but it also sets out Labour’s plans for the Borough which can be used whilst talking to residents and out campaigning in elections. The paper can be viewed here. 

Westminster City Council

The LGA Labour Group exists to fight the corner for Labour councillors at a national level, both within the cross-party Local Government Association and with the Labour Party at Westminster. The Group provide a strong voice for Labour councillors and act as a platform for ideas and innovation for all those committed to an effective localist element to Labour politics and policies.

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