Waltham Forest Council - Re-wilding the Borough


The parks and open spaces team in Islington have been working across the borough to increase tree population which is an objective in the Councils Tree Strategy.


Since 2016, the service has planted an additional 4,724 trees to increase the re-forestation of Waltham Forest, focusing on native species, bringing the total trees in the borough to more than 50,000.

This increase in trees will have a positive effect in re-foresting Waltham Forest and significantly reduce carbon emissions from motor vehicles in the borough, as well as increase bio-diversity in streets and open spaces.

Many parks and open spaces have given up areas of amenity grass to allow longer grass cutting regimes to help wild flowers establish which has a positive effect on bio-diversity and pollinating insects.


The borough is also reviewing vacant areas of open space with a view to introduce new wildflower and small woodland plantings to create pockets of naturally planted greenspace to increase bio-diversity.

Both developments have a positive effect on air quality and carbon offset, also providing residents with a greater opportunity to access nature.

Waltham Forest Council

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