Nottingham City Council - Travel Planning for Jobseekers


A jobseeker personalised travel planning (PTP) service has been jointly commissioned for Nottingham and Derby until March 2020. The jobseeker travel support service offers eligible participants advice, support, journey planning journey buddying and referrals to cycle support services (including cycle training, bike skills, qualifications, cycle loan, recycled and reconditioned bikes) to help address barriers to accessing employment and training.


In 2018/19 934 jobseekers (318 clients in Nottingham and 616 clients in Derby) were engaged in a one-to-one conversation, receiving information about sustainable travel.


377 jobseekers (128 in Nottingham and 247 in Derby) have enrolled into the programme for ongoing travel support and 337 jobseekers have received a personalised travel plan (93 in Nottingham and 244 in Derby).


A total of 246 jobseekers were referred for cycle support or training packages in 2018/19 (82 clients in Nottingham and 164 clients in Derby) of which 216 clients completed their support package (54 clients in Nottingham and 162 clients in Derby):

  • In Nottingham jobseekers benefitted from the following services: 15 free reconditioned bikes delivered, 7 Build a Bike courses delivered offering 21 places, 19 clients attended, 16 participants undertook cycle training, 46 Dr Bike sessions offered across 8 locations. 

  • In Derby jobseekers benefitted from the following services: 99 free reconditioned bikes delivered, 7 Build a Bike courses delivered offering 21 places, 18 clients attended, 23 Dr Bike sessions offered with 58 clients receiving Dr Bike services.

Nottingham City Council

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