Lewisham Council – Parking Charges consultation


Recognising the need to update parking charges in Lewisham, the Mayor of Lewisham put the climate emergency at the heart of the proposals to change parking charges. The council’s proposals would introduce a CO2 emissions based charging ensuring that those with the most polluting vehicles would pay the most for resident and business parking permits.


The proposals also include a £50 surcharge for diesel vehicles, in order to target air pollution specifically. Electric and hybrid vehicles would pay significantly less for parking permits under these proposals encouraging residents to adopt these vehicles if they need them, while the most polluting would see the permits more than double.


In the consultation it was explained why this approach had been taken to encourage the uptake of low emission vehicles and reduce air pollution, as part of tackling the climate emergency. In the consultation we asked residents whether they supported these proposal – there were 3,767 responses and nearly 60% backed these proposals.

Lewisham Council

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