Hackney Council – Taking Action on Energy


Procuring renewable energy: this year Hackney Council switched 50% of the council’s energy supply, including a handful of local schools that procure their energy through the council, to renewable sources. This significant increase in renewables as part of Hackney Council’s energy mix will be delivered alongside a range of other radical decarbonisation measures, including:

  • the implementation of a world-leading energy efficiency management system, which      will significantly reduce carbon emissions and save the council money;

  • an asset management strategy to ensure no council building falls below EPC rating C by 2030; and

  • the creation of a publicly-owned, renewables-focused, energy company.


The council is also switching all street lamps to energy-savings L.E.D bulbs by 2022, having already reduced electricity consumption by Hackney’s street lamps by 60%. The council is working towards 100% renewable energy by 2020 resulting in £6.5 million invested into clean power every year. 


The council is also securing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a specific generation facility. This demonstrates to the people of Hackney that corporate spending on renewables is contributing to the delivery of new sources of renewable energy, not just sending a signal to the market. A roundtable for Councillors in London and energy researchers was held to discuss how London councils can work together to procure clean energy.

Hackney Council

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