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Doncaster Council – LED Lights


Since 2015, Doncaster Council have installed 45000 LED lights, costing £8m. The council have recognised that LED lights are energy efficient, generate cost savings and have a longer life span. The outcomes include:

  • The installation of LED lights that last 25 years instead of 6 years;

  • A carbon footprint that will reduced by over 80% and amounting to 4700 tonnes of Carbon over 25 years;

  • Saving £1.4m per year in electricity costs – which means that the energy bill for street lighting will be reduced by 70% each year;

  • 75% of the old street lights have been recycled;

  • Controls on all lanterns - the dimming of lanterns has the potential to save a further 20% on street lighting energy bills. In the future the control system may be able to monitor atmosphere, such as sensors on lanterns to monitor air quality.

Doncaster Council