Plymouth City Council – Plan for Trees


In 2019 Plymouth City Council announced the Plan for Trees.

The Plan for Trees has been developed with a range of local and national partners since 2016, and has been informed by a survey of 1105 residents.  This is an example of a group of bodies working towards producing an informed tree strategy for a city which will secure the future of trees and woods in Plymouth, and will improve the biodiversity and air quality in the city.

There are four themes to the Plan for Trees, which are:

Promote – To promote the benefits and value of the our trees through education and encouraging best practice;

Protect – To protect Plymouth’s special trees and woodlands for future generations;

Care – To care for our trees by practicing and promoting good tree and woodland management;

Enhance – To enhance urban areas by increasing tree canopy cover.

You can view a video about Plan for Trees here

Plymouth City Council

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