Best Practice 
 Climate Change Emergency 


Lambeth Council - Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Lambeth Council is establishing low traffic neighbourhoods to make active travel more appealing to residents

Oxford City Council - Coffee Cup Recycling

Oxford City Council has introduced coffee cup recycling to increase recycling rates

Newcastle City Council - District Energy Centre

Newcastle City Council has partnered with ENGIE to set up a District Energy Centre, generating low carbon energy for the community

Southwark Council - Climate Change Summit

Southwark Council held a climate summit which brought together national and local organisations, experts and individuals to discuss both what more the council can do to tackle the climate emergency.

Southwark Council - Investing in Renewable Energy

Southwark Council has reduced the carbon footprint of the fossil fuel based pension fund by almost 50 per cent since 2017.

Southwark Council - Cutting Carbon Emissions

Southwark is taking steps to continue to cut the council’s carbon emissions and have already cut them by 37% since 2010.

Camden Council - Somers Town Energy

The Somers Town Heat Network provides heat and hot water to five housing estates and the redesigned Edith Neville School. A case study was done to fully understand the network’s performance.

Camden Council - Citizens' Assembly on the Climate Crisis

In response to a ‘Climate Emergency’ declaration in March 2019, Camden Council – with the help of a number of independent organisations – arranged a Citizens’ Assembly to decide how the borough as a whole should address the climate crisis.

Bristol City Council - 2030 Carbon Neutrality

Bristol City Mayor Rees’ carbon neutrality plan, takes the action required to deal with the climate emergency declared in late 2018.

Bristol City Council - One City Plan

Bristol City Mayor Marvin Rees has developed a One City Plan to deliver outcomes across six priority areas – including the environment – every year through to 2050.

Westminster Labour Group - Campaigning from Opposition

Westminster Labour Group have been campaigning from opposition to ensure that the ruling Tories take climate change seriously and have been taking radical action to combat the climate emergency.

Nottingham City Council - Behaviour Change

For many people, actions to prevent climate change can seem costly. Nottingham City Council have recognised that behavioural change among its residents needs to be enabled and so have kick-started several initiatives to support these changes.

Nottingham City Council - Travel Planning for Jobseekers

The jobseeker travel support service offers eligible participants advice, support, journey planning journey buddying and referrals to cycle support services to help address barriers to accessing employment and training.

Waltham Forest Council - The Enjoy Waltham Forest Programme

The Enjoy Waltham Forest programme was started to get people on their bikes, but has had far-reaching positive effects.

Nottingham City Council - Energy Services Strategy

In January 2019, Nottingham City Council committed to becoming the first carbon neutral city in the UK, by 2028 and is currently developing a sustainable approach to decarbonisation.

Leicester City Council - Eco-Schools

Leicester City Council is working with local schools in order to spread a message of sustainability and conservation to the community.

Leicester City Council: Community Energy Solar PV

To promote and support the Government’s Community energy strategy, Leicester City Council gave local community bodies the opportunity to submit Solar PV installation proposals that encourage Community Renewable Energy activities.

Leicester City Council: Car Park & Lighting Upgrades

Leicester City Council is using LED lighting to achieve far higher energy and carbon saving by rolling out this technology in multi-storey car parks around the city.

Leicester City Council- Library LED Lighting Upgrades

Leicester City Council is using LED lighting to achieve far higher energy and carbon saving by rolling out this technology in libraries around the city.

Manchester City Council - Youth Action Summit

Manchester City Council worked with other environmental organisations to hold a climate change summit for school children to get their say on how to tackle the climate crisis.

Norwich Council - ReFashion Norwich

Norwich Council have set up an event called ReFashion Norwich as a part of TRAID’s #secondhandfirst week and the European Week for Waste Reduction.

Telford & Wrekin Council – Wheat Leasowe Solar Farm

Telford & Wrekin Council have built 16,000 solar panels over 30 acres to provide power to up to 1000 homes.

Lambeth Council - Repowering London

Lambeth have worked with Repowering London on several projects in the borough, such as installing solar panels on Vauxhall Gardens estate and Loughborough estate.

Lambeth Council - Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan

In July, Lambeth published its first Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan, which sets out how Lambeth Council's operations will be carbon neutral by 2030.

Manchester City Council - Bridgewater Basin's Floating Ecosystems

The project aims to breathe new life into the underused canal basin by using an artistic and scientific approach to improving the aesthetic, while at the same time creating a haven for wildlife.

Manchester City Council - The Deansgate Metrolink Green Wall

The green wall at Deansgate Metrolink Station was designed to improve the commuting experience for workers and improve biodiversity.

Manchester City Council - NOMA

NOMA is Manchester City's £800 million regeneration scheme putting sustainability at its heart.

Waltham Forest Council - Going Plastic Free in its Town Centres

Businesses in Leytonstone have been signed up by the Council to participate in a Low Plastic Zone initiative.

Waltham Forest Council - Reducing the Use of Pesticides

To reduce the damaging effect on biodiversity, Waltham Forest has committed to reducing its use of pesiticides.

Waltham Forest Council - Re-wilding the Borough

Waltham Forest Council is reforesting it's parks with native species to improve biodiversity.

Manchester City Council - Youth Climate Board

Manchester City Council are engaging youth in the city through their Youth Climate Board.

Manchester City Council - Civic Quarter Heat Network

Manchester City Council is building a network which will generate low-carbon power, heat and hot water for the city.

Stevenage Borough Council - Sustainable Transport

Stevenage Borough Council is taking a sustainable approach to transport across the borough.

Stevenage Borough Council - Working Together

Stevenage Borough Council is coordinating partners across the borough with an aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Exeter City Council - Approach to Sustainability

Exeter City Council established an Energy Team to tackle rising energy use, which has resulted in a more sustainable way of operating.

Stevenage Borough Council - Biodiversity

Stevenage Borough Council has put biodiversity at the heart of efforts to make the borough a greener place to live.

Stockport Council - Sustainable Planning

Stockport Council has been designated as a Mayoral Development Corporation, and will be putting green development at the heart of development work in Stockport Town Centre.

Southampton City Council – Green Factor

Southampton City Council is adopting a broader approach to make the city greener. All developments in the city centre will be asked to assess their green potential, including green walls and roofs.

Oldham Council – The Oldham Code

Oldham Council is developing the Oldham Code, which will place sustainability at the heart of planning in the borough.

Leeds City Council - Spatial Planning Strategy

Leeds City Council’s Planning Framework is seeking to help ‘future proof’ Leeds from the impacts of climate change. The council will use the Leeds Climate Commission’s roadmap to detail how it could become carbon neutral by 2030.



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