Foreword - Cllr Nick Forbes

There is no doubt that our planet is facing an environmental breakdown. The IPCC has found that the earth’s temperature is likely to rise by 1.5C at some point between 2030 and 2050 if it continues to increase at the current rate.


The UK’s former Chief Scientist has said it’s appropriate to be scared about the pace of climate change, given the increase in the number of extreme weather events.


Climate change will have a catastrophic impact across the world – here in Britain we can expect rising sea levels leaving many of our coastal communities uninhabitable, greater extremes in temperature making leading the lives that we are used to much harder, food shortages, loss of natural species due to the change in climate, and much more. 


Every Friday we'll be sharing blogs from the Labour movement and from climate change experts.


Labour Groups and Labour-run Councils have been active campaigners on climate change. In this section you can look at examples of local Labour campaigns and council-run corporate campaigns on climate change issues.

The LGA Labour Group exists to fight the corner for Labour councillors at a national level, both within the cross-party Local Government Association and with the Labour Party at Westminster. The Group provide a strong voice for Labour councillors and act as a platform for ideas and innovation for all those committed to an effective localist element to Labour politics and policies.

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